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Pro/Am - Professional/Amateur - meaning that Professional dance instructor performing and competing with Amateur student.

      "Dance Sport" program - for students who interested in taking part in popular NDCA dance competitions as well as shows with their teaches - Pro/Am (Professional/Amateur) exactly like you see on popular TV show Dancing With The Stars but with You as a star.

    Pro/Am dance competition - is a dance competition where students are dancing with their teachers and competing against other students who are also dancing with they professional dance instructors.

     There is several levels and age division to compete:

Dancing Levels: Newcomer, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Open Gold

Age levels: A (18+) B (30+) C (50+) D (60+)

I. Pro/Am dance COMPETITION with Oleg fees:

a) SINGLE dance with Oleg - Pro/Am competition dance:
      $150/dance + competition fee $40/dance = total $190;

b) TEN single dances with Oleg Pro/Am competition:
$1.400/10 dances + competition fee $400 = total $1.800;


      Oleg Astakhov and student Kim Luu - the WINNERS of the biggest and most prestigious competition in US - Emerald Ball Dance Sport Competition 

Oleg Astakhov and student Lydia - the 1-st place at - Emerald Ball Dance Sport Competition 2015


      I. Price list for Pro/Am dance SHOW:

a) SINGLE show dance Pro/Am performance - $300

b) TWO show dance Pro/Am performances - $500 ($50 savings)

Videos of shows with students:

           Dance teacher Oleg Astakhov and student Vikki - show Cha Cha Cha:

April 2015

Private ballroom dance instructor Oleg Astakhov and student Karen - show dance Rumba:

                                                     April 2015:

                         Oleg Astakhov and student Marilyn - show Samba:

                         Oleg Astakhov and student Karen - show - Cha Cha:

                         Oleg Astakhov and student Rita - show - Paso doble:


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